ABOUT THE SERVICES: The Municipal Health Office officers’ routine laboratory examination such as urinalysis, fecalysis, complete blood count, sputum microscopy.

CLIENT GROUPS: General Public
REQUIREMENTS: Referral slip or examination request
SERVICE SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 12:00 noon & 1:00 to 5:00 PM

  • P 20.00 – Urinalysis
  • P 20.00 – Fecalysis
  • Free of Charge – SPUTUM EXAM
  • P 30.00 – Blood Typing
  • P 70.00 – G/S (Gram Stain)
  • P 100.00 – Pregnancy Test
  • P 50.00 – CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  • P 70.00 – Cholesterol
  • P 50.00 – Platelet
  • P 20.00 – Nebulization
  • P 100.00 – Excision
  • P 50.00 – I&D (Incision and Drainage)
  • P 70.00 – FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)
Step 1 >> 15 minutes

Proceed to MHO to present laboratory request and receive instruction from the medical Technologists on the examination and preparations needed.

Medical Technologist verifies laboratory request and briefs client on the examination and preparation needed.

Step 2 >> 10 minutes

Provide the specimen needed for the requested laboratory test/examination. You will be advised of the date of release of the results.
1. If applicable, submit yourself for blood typing
2. If applicable, submit yourself to a complete blood count.
3. If applicable, submit yourself to a urinalysis test
4. If applicable, submit yourself to a fecalysis test
5. If required submit yourself for a pregnancy test
6. If applicable, submit yourself to a sputum examination

Medical Technologist obtains specimen from clients and advises client of the date of release of results.
*Depending on the specimens to be evaluated, results can be secured from 1 hour to 1day upon submission of specimen.

Step 3 >> 60 minutes

Secure the results of the laboratory exams and sign your name in the logbook

Medical Technologist release the laboratory results