ABOUT THE SERVICES: Food and Non-food business establishments are required to secure sanitary permit to make sure they observe the standard of the Sanitary Code of the Philippines. Workers /in said establishments are also required to secure health cards.

Business falls into two categories:

  1. Food or those dealing in food preparation and processing. In this case, proprietors, managers, waiters and waitresses & cooks required to secure health cards.
  2. Non-food or other establishments not involved in food preparation and processing, in which case managers, helpers, salesmen, salesladies and laborers are required to secure health cards.

Sanitary Permits and Health Cards are requirements for securing Mayor’s Permits and Business License in the Municipality.

CLIENT GROUPS: Owners/operators or food and non-food business establishments. Workers in food and non-food business and establishments
REQUIREMENTS: Copy of official receipt obtained from business permit payments.
SERVICE SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 12:00 noon & 1:00 to 5:00 PM
  • Health Card – P 20.00/person
  • Sanitary permit – P 15.00
Step 1 >> 5 minutes

Go to RHU and secure a checklist of requirements for securing sanitary permit/health cards.

Rural Sanitary Inspector(RSI) issues checklist of requirements.

Step 2 >> 5 minutes

Upon completion of the requirements, go back to RHU and submit stool sample for fecalysis and sputum for microscopy. Wait for the service as to release of the exam results and the schedule of the physical examination.

Rural Sanitary Inspector(RSI) obtains stool sputum samples and advises clients of the release of examination results and schedule of physical examination.

Step 3 >> 5 minutes

Return to the RHU on the appointed date to secure laboratory results to undergo physical examinations.

Municipal Health Officer performs physical examination

Step 4 >> 2 minutes

If there are no advance findings, you will be issued a sanitary permit and health card.

Rural Sanitary Inspector(RSI) issues Sanitary Permit & Health Card

Step 5 >> 10 minutes

If there are findings, take note of the corrective measures to comply with the Sanitary Code Standard of the Philippines.

Rural Sanitary Inspector(RSI) briefs client of the process