“Irosin as a center of agro-industry, commerce and trade, and eco-tourism in the region, with people who are God-loving, globally-competitive, gender-sensitive, participative, healthy and productive, living in an equitable and thriving economy, supported by a well-balanced and life-sustaining environment with sound and adequate infrastructure facilities, nurtured by a just, responsive, efficient, transparent and accountable governance.”


The municipality of Irosin is committed to promote the general welfare of Irosinians and develop all human resources through comprehensive and integrated delivery of basic services, enhancement of multi-sectoral participation and mustering of resources towards sustainable development.


  • Promotion of health
  • Educational development of human resource
  • Enhancement of agricultural productivity
  • Creating a peaceful, orderly and disaster-resilient community
  • Sustaining ecological balance
  • Promotion of infrastructure development
  • Ensuring food self-sufficiency and climate sensitivity
  • Promotion of rights and welfare of the poor and the disadvantaged
  • Promotion of agro-industrial economic development
  • Promotion of local tourism
  • Enhancement of people’s participation in local governance
  • Promotion of accountability in local governance


Social Development

  • To promote health
  • To combat diseases
  • To reduce child mortality rate
  • To improve maternal health
  • To achieve universal primary education
  • To maintain peace, order, public safety and disaster-resiliency
  • To preserve and enrich local culture
  • To promote gender equality and empower women

Economic Development

  • To enhance economic prosperity and promote full employment
  • To ensure food self-sufficiency
  • To promote social justice
  • To eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
  • To promote climate-change sensitivity
  • To support appropriate self-reliant technologies

Infrastructure Development

  • To preserve comfort and convenience of inhabitants
  • To promote rational urban development

Environment Development

  • To maintain ecological balance
  • To ensure environmental sustainability

Institutional Development

  • To enhance people’s participation
  • To promote public-private sector partnership