The local police and the fire fighting force primarily undertake the protective services and maintenance of peace, order and public safety. There are 34 PNP officers and 13 firemen in 2015. There are also barangay tanods stationed and mobilized in all barangays supporting the local police force in maintaining peace and order in the locality.  In terms of building and facilities for protective services, a police station is located beside the public market, a fire station beside the Municipal Health Office, and a municipal jail at the municipal hall. To facilitate the delivery of services and provide immediate action when circumstances demands, the local police force is equipped with two patrol vehicles and the firefighters are equipped with two fire trucks.

In 2015, there were 33 index crimes and 132 non-index crimes reported and the crime incidence per 10,000 population is at 6.05 for index crimes and 24.21 for non-index crimes. The total crime incidence is 30.27. The crime solution efficiency of the PNP is 91% while the crime clearance is efficiency is at 92%.  There were no fire incidents reported from 2013 to 2015. In terms of illegal drugs, there were 379 drug surrenderers in 2016. One violent incident related to insurgency was documented in 2015.