A total of 9,913 households were recorded in the municipality in 2007 and there are 9,846 occupied housing units. This translates to a ratio of 1.007 household per occupied housing unit. The ratio of population per occupied housing unit is 5.071. For the same censal year, there are estimated 163 unacceptable housing units and 121 makeshift housing units.  An estimated 3.18% of housing units are in need of tenure improvement. Also, 13.7% of housing units are made up of makeshift materials and therefore needs structural improvement. In terms of tenurial status of the 10,447 housing units in 2010, 85.87% are owned/being amortized, 9.53% are rent-free with consent of the owner, 2.7% are rented while 0.47% are rent-free without the consent of owner.

The local populace and migrants from neighboring towns and provinces have encroached upon easements along the roads and rivers. Bacolod has the most numbers of informal settlers followed by San Julian and San Juan. Settlers have occupied vacant lots owned by private landowners, the land of Roman Catholic Church, road and river easements and even irrigation canals.

Population growth and displaced households pushes the housing sub-sector to a critical situation. Irosin has a deficiency of 1,031 dwelling units in 2015. The backlog covers the 74 units doubled-up households, the displaced households that need to be relocated as they are in risk areas (761 units), public lands (180 units) and road easements (16 units). Add to this backlog is the cumulative total of 1,350 units that are needed for future population growth up to 2024. The total summary of new units needed up to the year 2024 is estimated to be 2,381.

The first government socialized housing project was the BLISS Project implemented during the late 1970s located in barangay Monbon with 50 beneficiaries. Another private socialized housing is a subdivision in barangay Tabon-tabon. A Gawad Kalinga housing project was also developed in barangay Salvacion with 20 units already turned over to beneficiaries and alongside of this is the Core Shelter Assistance Program with 50 housing beneficiaries. Another site under development is a NHA resettlement project in barangay Salvacion with an area of 10 hectares with 750 potential housing units.