The annual average family income is estimated to be P 162,000 in 2012 while the annual family expenditure is P 144,000. The annual inflation rate is 0.9 while the consumer price index is 148.9 in 2015.

The employment rate in 2012 is 92.8% while the labor force participation rate is at 60.5%. Of the documented 15,259 gainful workers in 2010, 39.08% are laborers and unskilled workers, 19.95% are farmers, 9.05% are trade and related workers, 7.67% are either government or non-government organization workers, managers, proprietors and supervisors while 7.44% are service and sales workers. In terms of place of work, 90% of gainful workers works in the same municipality, 2% works in a different municipality, 5% in a different province while 3% works in a foreign country. By major kind of business or industry, most of Irosin’s gainful workers or 46% are employed in agriculture, followed by 13% that are in wholesale and retail trade, 9% are in construction, 7% are in transportation and 5% are in activities of households as employers. By class of workers, 50% of gainful workers worked for private business/enterprise/farm, 30% are self-employed without any paid employee, 9% worked for government, 6% worked without any pay in own family farm or business while 4% worked for private households.