Irosin has complete learning institutions from preparatory to college education. There are 31 public elementary schools, three public high schools, one private school with elementary and high school level and one private college. The public elementary schools in the Irosin district is comprised of one central school, 27 elementary schools and three primary schools dispersed in all 28 barangays of the municipality. These school sites are mainly located in the built-up areas of urban and rural barangays and have an aggregate land area of about 22 hectares.

Of the total 9,664 public ES enrollment in SY 2012-2013, 22% or 2,106 were enrolled in ICS, 781 students were in Gabao ES, 572 in Monbon ES, 568 in Patag ES and 500 in Carriedo ES. The smallest in terms of enrollment are Cawayan ES with 87 students, San Isidro ES with 119 students and 123 students each in BLISS PS, San Agustin PS, Severino Fortes ES and San Isidro ES.  The male to female ratio of enrollees in public ES is 117 males for every 100 females.

Among the 31 public ES, only ICS has a laboratory and a shop, only six has a school library and only two has a school clinic. Six of the public ES has no playground. There are 255 public ES classrooms made of permanent construction materials and many are still in good condition. There are 32 classrooms considered to be dilapidated. The total classroom to student ratio is 1:38 which is higher than the national standard of 1:35.

There are 272 public ES teachers in SY 2012-2013 and the total teacher-student ratio is 1:36. The public ES with highest teacher-student ratio are BLISS PS and Severino Fortes ES with 1:62, Liang ES with 1:58 and Carriedo ES with 1:50. Conversely, the public ES with low teacher-student ratio are Cawayan ES with 1:22, Buenavista ES with 1:24, Casini ES with 1:27, Sto. Domingo ES with 1:28 and Monbon ES with 1:29.

The three public high schools of Irosin are Gallanosa NHS at San Pedro, the Gabao NHS and the Irosin North HS at Tinampo. Gallanosa NHS has the highest share of enrollment with 3,785 students or 76% of the total public HS students in SY 2012-2013 which is 5,001. Enrolled in Gabao NHS are 814 students and 402 in Irosin North HS. The male to female ratio of enrollees in public HS is 98 males for every 100 females.

Among the three public high schools, only Gallanosa NHS has complete facilities. Gabao NHS and Irosin NHS has no laboratory, shop and clinic. There are a total of 76 public HS classrooms and the total classroom-student ratio is 1:66 which is very high compared to the 1:40 national standard. The classroom-student ratio of Gabao NHS is 1:48, Gallanosa NHS is 1:73 and Irosin North HS is 1:57. There are 131 public HS teachers and the total teacher to student ratio is 1:38.

The Holy Spirit Academy of Irosin is located in Bacolod in a 5.117 hectare school site. The private school has elementary and secondary levels and the enrollment in SY 2012-2013 is 255 students in elementary and 381 in high school. There are 7 classrooms and 9 teachers in elementary with a classroom-student ratio of 1:36 and teacher-student ratio of 1:28. In the high school level, there are 8 classrooms and 13 teachers and a classroom-student ratio of 1:48 and teacher-student ratio of 1:29.

The only tertiary school in the municipality is the Veritas College of Irosin with campus beside the parish church in San Julian with an estimated area of 0.656 hectares. The courses offered in VCI are education (elementary and secondary), business administration, agricultural technology, computer science, information technology and criminology. In SY 2012-2013, VCI has 1,893 enrollees with a gender ratio of 57 males for 100 females. The number of classrooms of VCI is 19 and there are 60 teachers.

The enrollment participation rate in SY 2013-2014 is 93% for those in the elementary age group of 6 to 12 years old are going to school. There are 592 documented elementary school age children that are not going to school. In the secondary level, the enrollment participation rate of age group 13 to 16 years old in the same school year is 64%. There are 1,787 documented secondary level aged children that are not going to school. The SY 2012-2013 Cohort Survival Rate is 69% in public ES, for Gallanosa NHS is 69%, for Gabao NHS is 82.71% and 86.5% for Irosin North HS. The Drop-out Rate or the proportion of students who left school during the school year or did not enroll in the succeeding year is 1% in public ES, 5.19% in Gallanosa NHS, 3.19% in Gabao NHS and 0.49% in Irosin North HS.

In terms of exposure to hazards, Casini ES, Salvacion ES and San Isidro ES are sited in areas highly susceptible to landslides. Schools located in frequently flooded areas are Tulay ES of Bagsangan and Buenavista ES, and nearest the volcanic danger zone is Cogon ES.