Labor Force Population and Employment

The labor force population, or those 15 years and over, is 36,194 or 64% of the total population in 2015. Of these, 52% are employed while 48% are not employed . Of all males 15 years and above, 73% are employed while only 30% are female. The provincial employment rate is at 56%. The local unemployment rate in 2013 is 17.9% . Of the 18,646 gainfully employed population, 28% are laborers and unskilled worker, 22% are skilled agricultural workers, 15% are service and sales workers, 8% are craft and related trades workers. (Refer to Table DE-9)


Literacy, Educational Attainment and Attendance to School

In 2015, 99% of Irosin’s population ten years old and over is literate, with both males and females at 99% literacy. The provincial literacy rate is also at 99%. Of the 5 years old and over population of 49, 801, 38.9% are in elementary grade level, 39% at high school level, 14.1% are elementary graduate, 21.5% are high school graduate, 7.4% are college undergraduate, 7.9% are academic degree holder while only 0.1% has post baccalaureate education. There are more female academic degree holders than male with a ratio of 73 males for every 100 females. Of the 24,872 with ages 5 to 24 years old, only 74% are attending school. The school participation rate for 7 to 12 years old is estimated to be 97% and only 78% for ages 13 to 18 years old. There are more males attending school at 104 male to female ratio. (Refer to Table DE-8)


Marital Status, Household Size and Religions Affiliations

The marital status of the 43,102 ten years old and over population is 48.1% single, 34.6% married, 11.1% common law/live-in, and 5.1% widowed 5.1%. There are more single males with 122 male to 100 female ratio. The sex ratio for those with married status is 96 males per 100 male. Half of those 20 years old and over is married, 25.8% are single, 7.4% are widowed, 1.5% is divorced/separated and 15.3% is common-law/live-in. Of the population below 20 years old, 98% are single.

Of the PSA enumerated 11,418 households in 2015, 38% are with 5 to 7 members, 31% with 3 to 4, 16% with 1 to 2 members and there are 15% or 1,693 households with 8 and above members. The PSA average household size is 5.0.

The religious affiliation of Sorsogon province population is predominantly Christian, with 94.29% Roman Catholic, 1.77% Iglesia ni Cristo and the rest are distributed in other religious affiliation. Language spoken at home in Sorsogon province in 2010 is 98.9% Bikol, 0.9% Tagalog, 0.1% Bisaya and 0.1% Maranao.