An Order Organizing the Municipal (KATAID) Kabarangay Ko, Tatabangan Kong Iwasan an Droga Task Force

Whereas; Section 16 or the General Welfare Clause of the Local Government Code of 1991 provides that Local Government Units shall promote health and safety within their jurisdiction and improve public morals, maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants among other equally significant responsibilities;

Whereas; the proliferation and used of illegal drugs hinder the over-all efforts aimed at promoting community peace and harmony and meaning local development;

Whereas; local counterpart of Task Force DILG Inter-Government Operations Network Group or DIGONG at the local level;

Whereas; this Task Force has been named based on the concept of Community Diversion Program which aims to involve the community in monitoring the Surrendering Drug Users (SDU);

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ALFREDO J. CIELO JR., Municipal Mayor of Irosin, Sorsogon, by virtue of powers vested in me by law, do hereby order the creation of the Municipal KATAKID (Kabarangay ko, Tatabangan kong Iwasan an Droga) Task Force.

Section 1. Composition: The Municipal KATAKID (Kabarangay ko, Tatabangan kong Iwasan an Droga) Task Force shall be composed of the following:

Chairperson : HON. ALFREDO J. CIELO JR., Municipal Mayor

Members :
BELLA NARES, School District Supervisor

Section 2. Roles/Responsibilities: The following shall be the duties and functions of the Municipal KATAID (Kabarangay ko, Tatabangan kong lwasan an Droga) Task Force are as follows:

  1. Provide full support to OPLAN TOKHANG being spearheaded by the PNP;
  2. Ensure that the process in handling SDUs will be implemented properly;
  3. Identify issues/concerns and actions to be taken at the local level;
  4. Study strategic options for the convergence of delivery of basic services;
  5. Make recommendations to higher level to address pressing issues; and
  6. Ensure the integration of the P/P/As of the Task Force in the Peace and Order and Public Safety (POPS) Plan of the R/P/C/M/BPOC and allocate funds for such.

Section 3. Repository and disclosure of CONFIDENTIAL information.

DILG RMC No. 2016-015 states that — “The PNP which is tasked to do the profiling of the SOUs shall also be the repository agency of all documents relative to the surrendering drug users (SOUs) which shall be treated as CONFIDENTIAL. Only statistics/figures will be provided by the PNP during meetings of the task force, or when data is needed in specific reports. However, the PNP may provide confidential data to other members of the task force when it ¡s of utmost importance to identify interventions ta be provided to the SOUs and upon due authority from the head of the Task Force.”

Thus, the PNP shall serve as the repository of all confidential information. They shall likewise practice discriminate and responsible disclosure of such information as stated in the RMC.

Section 4. Secretariat

The same Regional MC provides that the secretariat for the MPOC will serve as the secretariat for this task force as well; hence the DILG Municipal Officer shall be designated as the secretariat. Likewise, the secretariat shall have the following functions as per the RMC;

  • Provide administrative support services such as to document proceeding of meetings and other related activities of the Task Force;
  • Coordinate with appropriate government agencies;
  • Submit reports as required by higher levels, and;
  • Perform other related tasks from time to time.

Section 5. Formation of Barangay KATAID Task Forces

Per RMC 2016-015, all Barangays of Irosin are hereby ordered to organize their own KATAID Task Force composed of the Punong Barangay as Chair, with the Chief Tanod, Barangay Health Workers, School Principals, and Parish Priest/Heads of Religious Organizations as members. The barangay may seek assistance from the DILG in the formulation of the appropriate executive order.

Section 6. Reparability Clause. If any provision of this order is declared invalid, the other provisions not affected thereby shall remain valid.

Section 7. Effectivity. This order shall take effect immediately.

Done in the Municipality of Irosin, Province of Sorsogon, this 2nd day of September 2016.



Municipal Mayor


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