Other Permits and Licenses

In this section, discuss the other permits and licenses or clearances that do not fall under the first two (e.g. building permit, sanitary permit, electrical permit, etc.). A link for downloading the corresponding form must likewise be provided.


Business Registration and Licensing

A. GRANTING OF NEW/RENEWAL OF MAYOR’S PERMIT & BUSINESS LICENSE   ABOUT THE SERVICE: All Business establishments are required to secure a Business License and Mayor’s Permit to operate as per Municipal Tax Ordinance before the target operations. It must be renewed  from January 1-20 every year. Penalties of 25% are imposed after the period. CLIENT GROUPS: Business Establishment/Owners REQUIREMENTS: All Supporting documents as required by Licensing Division SERVICE SCHEDULES: Monday to Friday, 8:00-12:00AM, 1:00-5:00PM TOTAL PROCESSING TIME: 20 minutes TOTAL FEES/CHARGES:       Business Taxes: New business computed on the type of Business and Capital Existing business computed based on the annual gross receipts Mayor’s Permit  –  Based on the kind continue reading : Business Registration and Licensing


Real Property Tax Administration

Collection of Real Property Taxes ABOUT THE SERVICE: Real properties such as land, building and machineries are assessed by the Mun. Assessor Office and real properties are due every year based on the assessment level and fair market value of the real property. The Real Property tax payments are made at the Treasury office. Payments can be made in annual semi-annual or quarterly basis. Advance payments can avail of up to 20% discounts. CLIENT GROUPS: Individual and/or corporations who own real property in the Municipality of Irosin. REQUIREMENTS: Official Receipt of previous Year’s or latest real property tax payments & Real Property Tax order of Payments (RPTOP) SERVICE SCHEDULE: Monday continue reading : Real Property Tax Administration