List of Business Establishments

List of Business Establishments Irosin, Sorsogon C.Y. 2012 NO NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT BUSINESS ADDRESS NAME OF OWNER NATURE OF BUSINESS 1 2JKLA Nature Hot Spring Resort & Inn Monbon, Irosin Gabito, Reojun Y. Resort 2 3 Z’s Store San Julian, Irosin Olbes, Marilou B. Native Products Store 3 7 R’s Rice Mill Buenavista, Irosin Polo, Romeo D. III Rice Mill 4 A. Cielo Rice Mill San Julian, Irosin Cielo, Luz G. Rice Mill 5 A.J.E. Gasoline Station Gulang-Gulang, Irosin Delmonte, Agustin E. III Gasoline Station 6 Abiera’s Wood Craft & Furniture Shop San Agustin, Irosin Abiera, Alexander G. Wood Craft and Furniture Shop 7 Adriel Enterprises Patag, Irosin Franche, Amado continue reading : List of Business Establishments


Starting a Business

Provide guidance on how one should go about in starting a business of any type. Outline the basic procedures and requirements involved.


Business Profile and Opportunities

Describe the overall business environment in your locality. Indicate among others which particular types of businesses already abound and which specific areas still hold much promise as far as investments are concerned.