Population Distribution

Urban and Rural Population The 2015 urban population is 14,839 or 25% of the total population while the rural population is 42,273 or 75% of the total population. Households distribution is 26% or 3,113 are in urban barangays and 74% or 8,865 are in rural barangays. The most populated barangay is the urban barangay of Bacolod with a population of 4,518. Among the contributory factors leading to the high population of Bacolod is its proximity to town center or the central business district (CBD), the high density of housing units and the presence of informal settlers in the river control dike and at riverbanks. The second most populous barangay is continue reading : Population Distribution


Population Composition

Population and Households The population of Irosin as of August 1, 2015 was 56,662 based on the 2015 PSA Census of Population. Irosin’s population is higher by 4,885 compared with the population of 51,777 in 2010, and by 11,155 compared with the population of 45,507 in 2000. The rate at which the population grew during the period 2010 to 2015 was 1.72%. Irosin’s population accounted for 7.15% of Sorsogon province total population of 792,949 and ranked sixth in terms of number of population. There are 11,978 documented households in the same year and the average household size is 4.73. The population for the year 2018 is projected to be 59,658 continue reading : Population Composition