Description: Latest Logo                          Republic of the Philippines                             Province of Sorsogon             Municipality of Irosin           BIDS & AWARDS COMMITTEE             Invitation to Bid for   Supply & Delivery of Office Supplies, Devices & Consumables for LGU-Irosin-1st Quarter   1. The Local Government Unit of Irosin, through the General Fund  intends to apply the sum of Six Hundred Eleven Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Pesos and Fifty Centavos (P 611,220.50) being the Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) to payments under the contract for the Supply & Delivery of Office Supplies, Devices & Consumables for LGU-Irosin-1st Quarter, GOOD-05-2024. Bids received in excess of the ABC shall be automatically rejected at bid opening. Name of Contract            :           SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF OFFICE SUPPLIES, DEVICES & CONSUMABLES FOR LGU-IROSIN-1st QUARTER Brief Description: 1pc acetate plastic long/ 5rolls adding machine tape/ 4pcs air freshener spray lavender/12cans air freshener, aerosol, 320ml, lemon and lavender scent/2 cans air freshener with case/ 2bxs air freshener, scented gel, 180g/ 10blts alcohol (70%) 500ml/ 15gal alcohol (70%) 500ml/ 4btls all purpose bleach 1 ltr/ 15pcs arch file folder top mechanism long (blue)/ 15pcs arch file top mechanism long (green)/ 15pcs arch file top mechanism long (red)/ 11bxs ballpen, BPS fine point, black 12’s/ 39each ballpen, ordinary, black/ 11each ballpen, ordinary, red/ 207each ballpen, good quality, black faber castell/ 74each ballpen, good quality, blue faber castell/ 74 each ballpen, good quality, blue,faber castell/9each ballpen, good quality, red castell/ 8bxs ballpen, ordinary black, 0.7-flex office/7bxs ballpen, good quality, flexstick/ 2pcs bath soap medium size/ 9pack battery AA, alkaline 5x longer lasting, 2pcs/packet/ 20packs battery “AA” 2s, black/ 4packs battery AAA, alkaline 5x longer lasting, 2pcs/packet/1bx battery AA (standard grade)/ 1bx battery AAA (standard grade)/ 5packs battery “AA”, rechargeable, 2pcs/packet/ 1pc battery charger, for AA & AAA batteries, branded/ 2bxs binder clips 25mm/3bxs binder clips 32mm/ 3gal bleaching solution, 1000ml/ 65rms bond paper long s-20/ 15rms bond paper short s-20/15 ream bondpaper short S20 70/80gsm/15 ream bondpaper long S20 70/80gsm/ 52rms bond paper, premium grade A4, 80gsm, s20/ 16rms book paper 8 ½” x 13” legal 70gsm s.20/ 10rms book paper 8 ½” x 11” legal 70gsm s.20/ 13rms book paper A4 70gsm s.20/55rms book paper long s-20 70/80gsm/ 8rms book paper short s-80 70/80gsm/96rms book paper short A4 210mm x 297mm/ 50rms book paper 8 ¼” x 11 ¾” A4 80gsm s.20/ 20pcs bulb (15w)/ 1pc calculator, 12digit, LCD display/ 3units calculator, 12 digit, LCD display/ 6units calculator, 14 digits, 2 way extra large display, wide format/ 3pcs car freshener/ 6bxs carbon paper, long black/ 10pcs cartolina, green/ 5pcs certificate holder (A4)/ 4pcs clearbook, long/ 16bxs clip backfold, 19mm, 12’s/box/ 14bxs clip backfold, 50mm, 12”s/ 13bxs clip backfold, 32mm, 12”s/ 17bxs clip backfold, 25mm, 12”s/15 box clip backfold, 41mm, 12”s/ 10each clip binder 25mm/ 2bxs clip binder, 2” metal/ 2bxs clip binder, 1” metal/ 4each clip board with cover long/ 3each colored paper, asstd. color s-20 long/10pcs correction fluid, water base 18ml/24each correction tape, 5mm x 6m/ 66each correction tape, 5mm x 12m/ 119each correction tape, 5mm x 10m/ 10each correction tape 12mm x 5m/ 6pcs correction tape, big/ 5pcs correction pen/ 7panels curtain 7 panels/ 14pcs cutter/ 4pcs cutter, heavy duty/ 22pcs data file box w/ closed end & finger/ 5each data file box 5” x 9” x 15 – ¾” green/ 3each data folder w/ ring finger, 3” 9” x 15/ 10pcs data folder long (archfile blue)/ 7pcs dater stamp/2pcs desk tray, 3 layers metal/  20 dzns detergent powder/ 13packs detergent powder, 500g/3pcs dipper, plastic w/ handle/ 31btls dishwashing liquid 250ml (axion)/ 3btls dishwashing liquid 500ml (axion)/ 5btls dishwashing liquid/ 10each  dishwashing sponge/ 1btl disinfectant spray, 400grams Lysol/ 10pcs door mat/ 32rolls double sided tape 1”/ 15rolls double sided tape ½/ 5pcs double sided tape w/ foam/ 10dzns downy per dozen/ 1pd DTR 100s, CSC form #48/ 1pc dustpan plastic/ 296pcs envelope clear plastic long/ 10pcs envelope bag cloth material/ 678pcs envelope, brown, long, ordinary/ 65pcs envelope, brown, short, ordinary/ 10each envelope, brown, long expanded/12each envelope, brown, long expanded, plastic/ 30pcs envelope, brown long expanded/ 4bxs envelope brown long expandable/ 1pack envelope, doc./brown, 10” x 15”/ 2each envelope, expanding, plastic w/ handle long/ 6 each envelope, expanding, plastic w/ handle long/ 1bx envelope mailing white long/ 4each eraser, rubber soft/ 1pc ergonomic chair/ 1pc extension wire with 5 meters w/ 4 socket/ 2sets extension cord w/ fuse & multiple outlet w/ switch, 10m/ 1unit external hardrive 1TB/ 3pcs flashdrive, 8GB/ 7each flashdrive, 16GB/ 2pcs flashdrive, 32GB USB version, plug & play/ 4cans floor wax/ 9packs fluorescent marker (asstd. colors)/ 2pcs fluorescent marker (apple)/ 740pcs folder, long ordinary/ 60pcs folder, short ordinary/ 315each folder, expanding, long, green/ 10pcs folder, expanding, long, yellow/ 100pcs folder, expanding, long, brown/65each folder long, white/ 50each folder long, clear with slide 14pt/30 each folder long green 14pt/ 50each folder long, brown/ 1pack folder, glossy green w/out metal tab, long expandable/ 1pack folder, 14pts, A4 size, tagboard equivalent, 100/pack/2pack folder, 14pts, legal, tagboard equivalent, 100/pack/ 1pack folder long, 14pts/ 2jar food color (violet)/ 2each glass cleaner, spray (250ml)/ 2each gloves, rubberized/ 2btls glue/ 16btls glue 130g/2jar glue, all purpose in jar with applicator/3bxs hair net (disposable)/ 7btls hand liquid soap/ 4dzns hand towel, white/ 1bndl hard broom/ 13each highlighter pen asstd. color/ 4each highlighter, asstd. color/ 6btls ink, brother d60, black/ 3btls ink, brother bt5000, cyan/ 4btls ink brother bt5000, magenta/2btls ink brother bt5000, yellow/ 40pcs ink Epson t6641, black, 70ml/ 17pcs ink Epson t6642, cyan, 70ml/17pcs ink Epson t6643, magenta, 70ml/ 19pcs ink Epson t6644, yellow, 70ml/3btls ink refill bk 664 epson 1ltr/2btls ink refill (black marker)/ 2btls ink refill (blue marker)/ 41btls ink bottle Epson 003 black (65ml)/ 26btls ink bottle Epson 003 cyan (65ml)/ 25btls ink bottle Epson 003 magenta (65ml)/ 27btls ink bottle Epson 003 yellow (65ml)/3btls ink Epson 3210 black 003/3btls ink Epson 3210 cyan 003/3 btls ink Epson 3210 yellow 003/3btlsink Epson 3210 magenta 003/3btls ink black GT53/3btls ink cyan GT52/3btls ink magenta GT52/3btls ink yellow GT53/1btl insecticide spray, 500ml/4 unit keyboard USB standard/2 unit laid paper (yellow) A4 size/1ream laid paper, long/2ream laid paper, short/3packs laminating film, A4, 250 microns, 100 sheets/pack/10pcs logbook 300L/30pcsmanila paper/2box marker permanent, broad, black, 12/4box marker, permanent, broad, black, 12/box/1box marker, permanent, broad, blue, 12/box/1 box marker, permanent, broad red, 12/box/2box marker, permanent, waterproof, black, black, fine point, 12/box/1pc marker fluorescent orange/5pack marker, fluorescent 3 colors/set/30each marking pen, permanent, broad black (pilot)/12eachmarking pen, permanent, broad blue (pilot)/12each marking pen, permanent, broad red (pilot)/ 3pcs memory card, SD, 128GB/2pcs mop tornado/5each  mouse/4pcs mouse wireless/5each mouse pad/2pcs mouse, USB with pad/ 70pcs notebook, 80 leaves/86 pads notepad, stick-on 3 x 3” 100shts asst. color/22pads notepad, stick-on 3 x 4” 100shts asst. color/45box paper clip, vinyl coated, small, 100’s/32boxpaper clip coated, jumbo, 100’s/47boxpaper clip, vinyl coated, 50mm, 100pcs/box/10pack paper construction, long, asstd. color 250 sheets/9packs paper construction, long, asstd. color/7box paper fastener metal, 50’s/40box paper fastener, vinyl coated, 50 sets/box, 2”/2box paper fastener, plastic/115ream paper multicopy, A4, 80gsm/101ream paper multicopy, 80gsm, 8.5 x 13/ 18ream paper multicopy, 80gsm, 8.5 x 11/20ream paper multicopy, A4, 801gsm/10ream paper, multicopy, legal size s.20/ 13packs paper sticker(8×11)/5packs paper sticker,10’s pack,matte white/6 pcs paper special, long, 10’s/7box pencil monggol #2/ 6 box pencil, led #2 with eraser/1box pentel pen, black, broad/2each pentel pen, red, broad/40 packs photo paper glossy, A4, 180gsm, 10 shts/pack/1pack  photo paper (210 x 297mm) 10’s/2btls pledge furniture cleaner 330ml/1 pail  powdered soap/1 each puncher, heavy duty/3unit puncher, 2 hole heavy duty/9box push pin/13pcs raincoat poncho type/11pcs record book, 500 pp., 55 gsm., smythe/7pcs  record book, 200 pp., 55 gsm., smythe/5pcs record book 300pp 55gsm A4/5pcs record book, 200 leaves/10pcs record book, 300 leaves/7pcs record book, 500 leaves/2box rubber band big/2pcs rubber stamp/10pcs ruler, plastic 12”/2pcs ruler, stainless/14pairs scissors stainless 8”/2pcs scissor (big) HD/13pcs scotch tape 1”/3pcs scotch tape 2”/ 6each scouring pad with foam/1pc scrubbing pad (floor)/7pcs scrub suit/1unit sharpener, single cutterhead, 1 hole guide/5each sign pen black, ink gel, 0.1/0.2mm/14eachsign pen black, ink gel, 0.3mm/17pcs sign pen black, ink gel, 0.5mm/7pcs sign pen blue, ink gel, 0.5mm/9each sign pen, G tech 0.3, black pilot/1box sign pen 0.3, black, 12 pcs/1box signpen gel ink 0.3mm needle tip black/11box signpen gel ink 0.5mm needle tip black/2box signpen gel ink 0.5mm needle tip blue/13box  signpen gel ink 0.7mm black/1box signpen, liquid ink gel, 0.4mm needle, 0.4mm needle tip, black, 12/box/9pcs soft broom, thick/1pc sponge (scoth brite)/ 3pcs stamping pad, felt pad, big/1each  stamp pad, 100mm x 150 feltpad/2each stamp pad, ink blue/2btls stamp pad, ink violet/2btls stamp pad, ink black/1btl stamp pad ink, violet with applicator, 50ml/1pc stamp pad/74 boxes staple wire #35/1box staple wire #10/4pcs stapler #35 with remover HD HBW/3pcs stapler #10 with remover HD HBW/9each stapler with remover heavy duty/2packs sticky notes, sign here, 125 sheets/pack/1 jar super chlor (calcium hypochlorite)/3box surgical gloves (disposable)/1pc tape, duct 2”/7roll tape packaging 2”/5roll tape, masking 1”/12roll tape, masking 2”/29roll tape, masking 2” x 50m/5roll tape, masking 3” x 50m/13roll tape, masking 1” x 50m/1roll tape, masking 3 x 50m/26roll tape, transparent, 1” x 50m/3roll tape, transparent, 1”/ 22 roll tape, transparent, 2”/ 24roll tape, transparent, 2” x 50m/53pack tissue paper (12pack) 2ply/5each toilet deodorant cake without case, 100g/6btls  toilet bowl & urinal cleaner, 900ml (domex)/12 roll trashbag, transparent 10pcs/roll, L size/18roll trashbag plastic black, gusseted type, 10pcs/pack/5roll trashbag large size/6pcs typewriter ribbon/1 pc umbrella big heavy duty/3pcs  USB flash drive, 32GB version, plug and play/6pcs white board eraser/ 10pcs whiteboard marker, black, broad/4pcs whiteboard marker, red, broad/9pcs whiteboard marker, black/5pcs whiteboard marker, blue/3pcs whiteboard marker, red/2pads white pad paper/2pack worx specialty paper, 90gsm A4, pale color 100 sheets/pack/9btlszonrox 500ml    Approved Budget for the Contract :           P 611,220.50 Contract Duration           :           30 calendar days Delivery Period               :           7 calendar days after the issuance of Notice to Proceed Source of Fund                 :             General Fund   2. The Local Government Unit of Irosin now invites bids for the above Procurement Project.  Delivery of the Goods is required by seven(7) calendar days. Bidders should have completedfor the last two(2) years from the date of submission and receipt of bids, a contract similar to the Project.The description of an eligible bidder is contained in the Bidding Documents, particularly, in Section II. Instruction to Bidders. 3. Bidding will be conducted through open competitive bidding procedures using non-discretionary “pass/fail” criterion as specified in the 2016 Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 9184 (RA 9184).   Bidding is restricted to Filipino citizens/sole proprietorships, partnerships, or organizations with at least sixty percent(60%) interest or outstanding capital stock belonging to citizens of the Philippines, and to citizens or organizations of a country the laws or regulations of which grant similar rights or privileges to Filipino citizens, pursuant to RA No. 5183. 4. Prospective bidders may obtain further information from Local Government Unit of Irosin and inspect the Bidding Documents at the address given below from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. 5. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be acquired by interested Bidders on February 13, 2024  until February 19, 2024  from the given address and PHILGEPS website and LGU-Irosin website and upon payment of the applicable fee for the Bidding Documents, pursuant to the latest Guidelines issued by the GPPB, in the amount of One Thousand  Pesos (P 1,000.00). The Procuring Entity shall allow the bidder to present its proof of payment for the fees by presenting in person the Official Receipt of bid documents to the BAC Office. 6. The Local Government Unit of Irosin will  not hold a Pre-Bid Conference. 7. Bids must be duly received by the BAC Secretariat through manual submission at the office address as indicated below on or before February 20, 2024, 8:59 AM at BAC Office, Municipal Compound, San Julian, Irosin, Sorsogon.  Late bids shall not be accepted.   8. All  bids must be accompanied by a bid security in any of the acceptable forms and in the amount stated in ITB Clause 16.   9. Bid opening shall be on February 20, 2024, 9:00 AM at the given address below Conference Room, Office of the Mayor, Municipal Compound, San Julian, Irosin, Sorsogon.  Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at the address below.   10. The Local Government Unit of Irosin reserves the right to accept any and all bids, declare a failure of bidding or not award a contract at any time prior to contract award in accordance with Section 35.6 and 41 of the 2016 Revised Implementing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Rules and Regulations(IRR) of RA No. 9184, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected bidder or bidders.   11.For further information, please refer to: LORENZO G. UBALDE Municipal Administrator Municipal Compound, San Julian, Irosin, Sorsogon URL:   12. You may visit the following websites:                    For downloading of bidding documents: PHILGEPS website and   Date of Issue: February 13, 2024     _____________________                    NOEL D. MERCADO II                           BAC Chairman