Partial list of Frontline Services

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Sorsogon




Provision of Medical Consultation 30 minutes Dra. Ma. Nerissa B. Tagum
Issuance of Business Taxes, Fees and Other Charges 15-20 minutes Ivy Gile
Leoby Lozada
Rosanna Magtibay
Ramil Astillero
Jesus Furing
Salustiano Ginga
Nelson Cambal
Ma. Victoria Abella
Provision of Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation 15 minutes Gilda Martinez
Oliver Franche
Rosemarie Baeza
Lilibeth Sotto
Provision of Laboratory Services 30minutes Diane Olbes
Rosa Maria Gamba
Issuance of Civil Registry Records 20 minutes Jessica Gabito
Federico Camposano
Merly De Ortube
Provision of Livestock Production 1 hour-1 day William Balmes  
Provision of Crop Production Analysis 2 hours Ariane Atole
Loida Olaguera
George Casar
Ronald Legaspi
Maribeth Judin
Aidel Cielo
Issuance of Certified True Copy of Real Property Tax Declaration 7-10 minutes Rosemarie Sayson
Milagros Fruto
Jose Gamba
David Bajaro
Issuance of real Property Tax Receipt 20 minutes Marianne Enano
Vicenta Gabionza
Salustiano Ginga
Jesus Furing
Issuance of Building Permit 15-30 minutes Engr. Benjamin Gabionza
Provision of Maternal Care Services 4 hours MHO Dra. Ma. Nerissa B. Tagum
Rural Health Midwives
Implementation of R.A. 9048 2 hours Municipal Civil Registrar
Civil Registration 15-30 minutes Jessica Gabito Federico Camposano
Issuance of Tax Clearances 15 minutes Marianne Enano
Rosanna Magtibay
Salustiano Ginga
Jesus Furing
Issuance of health/Medical/ Medico Legal Certificate 2 hours MHO Dra. Ma. Nerissa B. Tagum
Provision of Pre-Marriage Counseling Services 4 hours PMC Team: Gilda Martinez
Hermine Sayson
Rosario Portillo
Pop. Comm. Officer
Provision of Case Study Report 2 hours Oliver Fanche
Provision of Family Planning Services 2 hours Gilda Martinez RHU Staff
Conduct of Field Ocular Inspection of Property 4 hours Jose Gamba David Bajaro
Provision of Immunization Services 2 hours RHU Staff