Granting of New or Renewal of Tricycle Franchise

ABOUT THE SERVICES: Tricycle Franchise is given to tricycle owner/operator to operate tricycle for hire. Payment shall be paid within the first 20 days of January each year. Franchise is renewable every three (3) years. Penalties of 25% are imposed after the period.

CLIENT GROUPS: Tricycle owner/operator
  1. Tricycle with assigned route color coding
  2. Photocopy of LTO Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR)
  3. Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  4. Irosin Transport Federation (ITF) Certification
  5. Association Membership Certification (Route)
  6. Tricycle Regulation Unit (TRU) Clearance
SERVICE SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • New Franchise: P 1,510.00
  • Renewal: P 1,050.00
Step 1 >> 30 minutes

Submit all requirements for new/renewal of tricycle franchise at Permits and Licensing Office

MA. VICTORIA B. ABELLA, Business Permit and Licensing Officer(BPLO) receives the documents

Step 2 >> 5 minutes

Payment of fees at the Municipal Treasurer’s office

Step 3 >> 20 minutes

Claim Tricycle Franchise/Permit at Permits and Licensing Office