ABOUT THE SERVICES: The Local Government targets low, if not zero, maternal mortality and morbidity rates. To achieve this, the Municipal Health Office implements a comprehensive maternal care program for pregnant and lactating women.
Clients are advised to submit themselves to monthly pre-natal check-up. They should submit themselves to post-partum care at least two to three times within four to six weeks upon delivery.

CLIENT GROUPS: Pregnant and lactating mothers
REQUIREMENTS: Mother and Baby Book/ HBMR
SERVICE SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 12:00 noon & 1:00 to 5:00 PM
Step 1 >> 15 minutes

Go to the Municipal Health Office/Barangay Health Station and provide information to be entered in the Home-Based Maternity Record (HBMR) card.

Nurse Coordinator/Midwife on Duty accommodated client and logs pertinent data on the Home-Based Maternity Record (HBMR) card.

Step 2 >> 30 minutes

For pregnant women:
1. Submit to a pre-natal Examination and Health Education
2. Submit to OB-Gyne consultation
3. Submit to maternal Counseling Motherhood

Rural Health Midwife or MHO conducts pre-natal and other examination including Health Education

Step 3 >> 2 hours and 30 minutes

For Lactating Women:
1. Submit yourself to regular check-ups (at least 2-3 times) within 6 weeks upon delivery to ensure proper and adequate post-partum care.
2. Submit to OB-Gyne follow-up check-up for pregnant mothers.

Rural Health Midwife conducts Post-Partum follow-up check-up