Steps Involved Action of MHO Transaction Time Contact Person
1. Proceed to MHO to present laboratory request & receive instruction from the Medical Technologist on the examination & the preparations needed Verifies laboratory request and briefs client on the examination and preparation needed 15 minutes Medical Technologist
2. Provide the specimen needed for the requested laboratory test/examination. You will be advised of the date of release of the results. Obtains specimen from clients and advises client of the date of release of results 10 minutes Medical Technologist

3. Depending on the specimens to be evaluated, results can be secured from 1 hour to 1 day upon submission of specimen

a) if applicable, submit yourself for blood typing



Conduct blood typing

5 minutes Medical Technologist     
b) if applicable submit yourself to complete blood count    
c) if applicable submit yourself to a urinalysis test Conduct Urinalysis test 15 minutes
d)if applicable submit yourself to fecalysis test Conduct fecalysis test 15 minutes
e) if required submit yourself to a pregnancy test Conduct pregnancy test 15 minutes
f) if applicable submit yourself to a sputum examination Conduct sputum examination 2 working days
4. Secure the results of the laboratory exams and sign your name in the logbook Release the laboratory results 5 minutes