Steps Involved Action of MHO Transaction Time Contact Person
1. Go to the Rural Health Unit and state your request for information and/or counseling service. Accommodates client 10 minutes FP Program Coordinator/Brgy. Health Midwife
2. Register your name in the logbook Secure clients signature in the logbook 5 minutes Nursing Attendant
3. You will go through a counseling session and receive IEC materials as reference Conducts counseling session and hands out reference/IEC materials 60 minutes Nurse Coordinator
4. Attend counseling of continuing users Conducts counseling session 20 minutes Rural Health Midwife

5. For those requesting DMPA injection for the first time:

a. Approach the Midwife/Nurse on duty to inquire about the DMPA

Accommodates client and answers queries on DMPA

15 minutes

RP Program Coordinator

b. Provide the information needed during the initial interview/taking of medical history records. Make sure that all the details are provided. Conducts interview. Records medical and OB Gyne history of client and determine whether client will not have adverse reactions to DMPA 20 minutes Nurse/Person In Charge

6. For those who have already availed of DMPA:

a. Present your DMPA card and wait as the rural health midwife/public health nurse validates your schedule

Review clients DMPA card and validates schedule. Takes and records client’s blood pressure. 15 minutes Nurse/Personnel In Charge
b. Proceed to the Nurse Station for the administration of Administers DMPA 5 minutes  

c. Register your name in the logbook and wait for advice as to your next appointment

Advises client of next appointment    

*DMPA injections are administered every three months