Steps Involved Action of MHO Transaction Time Contact Person

1. Go to Brgy. Health Station inquire about the requirements

For availing of tuberculosis treatment. Provide the necessary information during the initial interview and during taking of medical history record

Answers queries on TB treatment, Conduct interview and records clients medical history. Refers client to the RHU if the case warrants immediate attention 5 minutes Midwife on Duty
2. Proceed to the Rural Health Unit in your municipality Evaluates records and conduct counseling on TB instructs client on the proper procedures in collecting sputum specimen 15 minutes Midwife/Nurse on Duty
3. Submit for sputum microscopy 3 sputum specimens take for 2 to 3 consecutive days

Obtain from client sputum samples for microscopy , Advice client of the date of release of results.

Results may be claimed at Brgy. Health Stations

5 minutes

(per visit)

Midwife/Municipal Health Officer on Duty
4.Go to BHS and secure the sputum examination result Releases sputum examination 10 minutes Midwife on Duty
5.If result is positive, go back to RHU for information & counseling & for enrollment in multi drug therapy Conduct counseling 1 hour Midwife on Duty