ABOUT THE SERVICES: The following permits are required to secure a building permit:
Ancillary Permits
The Ancillary Permits duly signed and sealed by the corresponding profession and the plans and specifications shall be submitted together with duly notarized application for Building Permit is null and void if not accompanied by the Ancillary Permits. The prescribed Ancillary and other Accessory Permits/forms shall likewise be used whenever applicable. The Ancillary Permit are the following:

  • Architectural Permit
  • Civil/Structural Permit
  • Electrical Permit
  • Mechanical Permit
  • Sanitary Permit
  • Plumbing Permit
  • Electronics Permit

Accessory Permits
Accessory Permits are issued by the Building Official for accessory parts of project with very special functions or use which are indicated in the plans and specifications that the building permit application. These may include, among others: back and record vaults; swimming pool; firewall separate from the building/structure; towers; silos; smokestacks; chimneys; commercial/industrial fixed ovens; industrial kilns/furnaces; water/waste treatment tanks, septic vaults; concrete and steel tanks; booths, kiosks and stages; and tombs, mausoleums and niches.

Accessory permits are issued by the Building Official for activities being undertaken prior to or during the processing of the building permit. The coverage is spelled out in the accessory permit for including the expiry period. These shall be signed by the owner/applicant and by the concerned professionals. These permits include, among others, ground preparation and excavation, encroachment of foundation to public area, fencing, for fence not exceeding 1.80 meters high, sidewalk construction, temporary sidewalk enclosure and occupancy, erection of scaffolding, erecting, repair, removal of sign; and demolition.

CLIENT GROUPS: Individuals, firms or cooperation’s seeking a building permit
REQUIREMENTS: Fencing Permit
This permit is secured prior to an actual construction of fence.

  • Fencing Permit Form (NBC Form No. B-03) – 5 copies duly signed, sealed and notarized
  • Fencing Plan – 5 copies
  • Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates – 5 copies
  • Specifications – 5 copies
  • Lot Plan with Certification of Geodetic engineer that the preference will not encroach on adjoining properties
  • Transfer Certificate Title (TCT)/Original Certificate Title (Original Copies)
  • Deed of Sale/Lease Contract/ Contract to Sell, if the OCT/TC in the name of the owner/applicant – 2 copies
  • Certified true copy of Latest Tax declaration – 2 copies
  • Certificate of real Property Tax payment/ Current Tax Receipt copies

Demolition Permit
This permit is secured prior to systematic dismantling or destructs a building or structure in whole or in part.

  • Demolition Permit Form (NBC Form No. B-08) – 5 copies duly signed and sealed & notarized
  • Sketch Plan/ Vicinity Map/ Location Plan – 5 copies
  • Certified true copy of Latest Tax Declaration – 2 copies
  • Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment/ Current Tax Receipt copies
  • Certified True Copy of OCT/TCT – 2 copies

Permit for Temporary Service Connection
This permit is secured for temporary service connection to a power for lighting and power construction, testing etc.

  • Permit for Temporary Service Connection form (NBC Form – 3 Copies
  • Building Permit (for new construction) – 3 copies
  • Electrical Plan/Layout – 3 copies

Temporary Sidewalk Enclosure and Occupancy Permit
This permit is secured prior to the construction and repair of sidewalks.

  • Temporary Sidewalk Connection and Occupancy Permit Form (NBC Form No. B-05) – 3 Copies
  • Sketch Plan of sidewalk to be constructed/repaired

Scaffolding Permit
This permit is secured prior to the installation, erection, attachment painting of any form of signage’s.

  • Sign permit Form (NBC Form No. B-07) – 5 copies duly signed & sealed and notarized
  • Building Permit Form whenever there is a concrete/steel structure – 5 copies duly signed & sealed and notarized
  • Zoning Clearance
  • Electrical Permit (NBC Form No. B-03) whenever there is an electrical connection – 5 copies duly signed & sealed
  • Fire Clearance whenever there is an electrical connection
  • Sketch Plan of signage/s to be installed/erected
  • Location/Vicinity Plan/Site Development Plan
  • Lot Documents whenever it occupies a private lot
  • DPWH clearance (for national roads/highways)
  • Specifications and Cost Estimates – 5 Copies duly signed and sealed
  • Certified true copy of Latest Tax Declaration – 2 copies
  • Certificate of Real Property Tax Payment/Current Tax Receipt – 2 copies
  • Contract of Lease, if not owned

Excavation and Growth Preparation Permit
This permit is secured prior to ground preparation and excavation after the building line is established.

  • Accomplished Permit Form – 3 copies
  • Sketch Plan – 3 copies
SERVICE SCHEDULE: Mondays to Fridays 8:00 AM to 12: NN, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
TOTAL PROCESSING TIME: 1 hour and 40 minutes
TOTAL FEES/CHARGES: Please refer to the Revised Edition of National Building Code 2 (NCBDO Memorandum Circular No. 1, Series of 2004 – New Schedule of Building Permit Fees and Other Charges)
Step 1 >> 10 minutes

Request for the appropriate permit forms from any member of the Building Staff

Issues appropriate permit forms and gives briefing on the service.

Building Official Engineering Staff

Step 2 >> 15 minutes

Accomplish the forms and submit the same along with other requirements.

Assesses and evaluates the submitted documents and verifies completeness of plans.

Building Official Engineering Staff

Step 3 >> 15 minutes

Inquire about the results of evaluation and assessment one day after the submission of documents.
a. If there are no deficiencies, proceed to Step 5.
b. If there are deficiencies, you will be informed of lacking documents. You will also be asked to retrieve the plans and documents that need correction.

Informs the client whether the documents and requirements are complete and whether plans and documents require correction.

Building Official Engineering Staff

Step 4 >> 20 minutes

Submit corrected documents/additional requirements for review.

Receives and reviews submission.

Building Official Engineering Staff

Step 5 >> 10 minutes

After the documents have been found to be complete and in order, secure an order of payment.

Issues an order of payment.

Building Official Engineering Staff

Step 6 >> 5 minutes

Proceed to the Municipal Treasurer’s Office, present the order of payment and pay the requisite fees. Secure an official receipt.

Receives payment and issues official receipts

Revenue Collection Clerk

Step 7 >> 20 minutes

Go back to the Municipal Engineer’s Office and presents the official receipt. Take note of advice on the date of release of the permit.

Issues an order of payment

Building Official Engineering Staff

(Section 134 of the National Building Code or PD 1096 states that when the application for Ancillary and Building related Permits and the plans and the specifications submitted conforms to the requirements of the Code and its IRR, the building official shall issue the building permit within 15 days from payment of required fees.

Step 8 >> 10 minutes

On the appointed date go back to the Municipal Engineer’s Office and secure the permit.

Releases the approved permit

Building Official Engineering Staff