Real Property Tax Administration

Collection of Real Property Taxes


Real properties such as land, building and machineries are assessed by the Mun. Assessor Office and real properties are due every year based on the assessment level and fair market value of the real property. The Real Property tax payments are made at the Treasury office. Payments can be made in annual semi-annual or quarterly basis. Advance payments can avail of up to 20% discounts.

CLIENT GROUPS: Individual and/or corporations who own real property in the Municipality of Irosin.

REQUIREMENTS: Official Receipt of previous Year’s or latest real property tax payments & Real Property Tax order of Payments (RPTOP)

SERVICE SCHEDULE: Monday to Friday, 8:00-12:00AM to 1:00-5:00PM


TOTAL FEES & CHARGES: Please refer to Real Property Tax Code

STEPS Action of MTO Transaction Time Responsible Person
Requested RPTOP from Assessor’s Office & furnished previous OR as required to the treasury office Compute land tax based on RPTOP & verify last payment made 10 minutes on updated payments Assessment Clerk & LRCO – Treasury Office
Pay land tax Issue Official Receipt 5 minutes RCC II & I