Irosin is a second-class municipality with a total operating income of P 114,831,093.85 in 2015. The two revenue sources are local sources and external sources. Locally generated income comprises tax which is 4.7% of the total income and non-tax revenues which is 5.8%. Revenues from external sources consist of share from Internal Revenue Allotment which is 88.8% of the total income in 2015. The total current operating expenditures in 2015 is P 83,931,685.55 of which 65.3% is expended on General Public Services, 1.7% for Education, Culture and Sports 3and Manpower Development, 10.2% on Health and Nutrition, 4.57% for Housing and Community Development, 6.94% for Social Services and Social Welfare, 10.38% for Economic Services and 0.73% for Debt Service.