Irosin has one FM Radio Station the Radyo Natin-FM Station a satellite fed station of the Manila Broadcasting Corporation. A Cable-TV operated by EFG-CATV provides cable connections to household subscribers making available to viewer television programs from various channels both local and foreign. Telecommunication services are also available in Irosin. A local telephone company provides landline connections to residential, commercial and institutional establishments enabling access to local, domestic and international calls. The town is also a host to three cell sites operated by SMART, Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular making cellular phone and wireless Internet as the most effective, affordable and accessible means of telecommunication in the locality. A total of 13% of households in 2010 have Internet access, of which 2% accessed Internet from home while 11% accessed the Internet from elsewhere.

Daily newspapers including magazines and tabloids are available in newspaper and magazine stores in the locality. Newspapers and magazines are those popular newspapers and magazines of national circulation. While there are no local newspapers, a quarterly newsletter is published by the local government. A public postal office also operates in the municipality.