Irosin has many potential tourist spots varying from natural parks, hot and cold springs, viewing areas and historical landmark.  The famous tourism attractions in the municipality are the Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort, St. Michael Archangel Roman Catholic Hilltop Church and protected areas. The Bolos Crystal Spring and the Valley View Park where eateries, kiosks and parking spaces were set up had become a rest area for truckers and travelers plying the Maharlika Highway. Another potential tourist attraction is the Mapaso mineral hot spring famous for its purported healing qualities. Irosin is an ideal jump-off site for mountaineering and ecological trek that is becoming popular among tourists both foreign and local. The municipality is an entry and exit area to BVNP one of the remaining tropical forests and is a protected area in the Bicol Region. Mount Jormajam and Mount Mara-ot Banwa are the other alternative places for mountaineering and ecological trekking.

There are also a number of tourist accommodations and facilities in Irosin. The Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort have conference halls, dormitories, cottages, eatery and swimming pools ideal for rest and recreation, conference and seminars. There is also the Guest World Resort and Nature Spring Resort with pools and accommodations. There are other lodging houses such as Villa Lim Condominium and Saint Michael Lodging House. Restaurants, snack bars and eateries are found along the CBD and inside the Irosin Public Market.

The most common cultural activities in the municipality are the annual santacruzan, barangay fiestas and town fiesta where Paray Festival is showcased. The Paray Festival in September culminates with the street play Viva San Miguel, celebrated in honor of Saint Michael Archangel, the patron saint of Irosin.

The local tourism industry has a great potential since ecological tourism is the trend worldwide and the national government intends to develop Bicol as a major hub for tourists. Given the variety of natural tourist spots in the municipality and its strategic location, Irosin can be a convergence area of foreign and domestic tourists and visitors.