WHEREAS, Local Government Units are mandated to implement programs and projects and activities as are necessary, appropriate, or incidental to efficient and effective provision of the basic services facilities enumerated by the Local Government Code of 1991;

WHEREAS, DBM Circular Letter No. 2015-8 provides for the guidelines to implement certain measures to facilitate the implementation of programs and projects in order to realize the intended economic and social goals, pursuant to Administrative Order No. 46;

WHEREAS, it is necessary that close monitoring of program and project implementation be undertaken through the creation of a Full-time Delivery Unit (FDU) in the LGU of Irosin;

WHEREAS, the objective of the creation of a Full-time Delivery are: to ensure that implementing offices function in an environment where execution of programs and projects are undertaken promptly and in accordance with the set timelines or targets; to improve their capacity to utilize their budgets; and to improve the tracking of physical progress and financial accomplishments as well as comply with the reporting requirements set forth by concerned agencies;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Hon. Alfredo J. Cielo Jr., Municipal Mayor of Irosin, Sorsogon, by virtue of powers vested in me by law, do order and direct the following:

SECTION 1. Composition. The Full-time Delivery Unit (FDU) IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF Irosin, Sorsogon shall be composed of the following:

ChairpersonHON. ALFREDO J. CIELO, JR., Municipal Mayor


MRS. LORNA B. PADURA, Municipal Administrator

ADONIS E. FORTES, Municipal Treasurer

LOVELY JOY C. FRIVALDO, Municipal Accountant

FELIX G. ORTILE, Municipal Budget Officer

ROSEMARIE F. SAYSON, Municipal Assessor

BENJAMIN M. GABIONZA, Municipal Engineer

NOEL D. MERCADO II, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator

RICARDO FRIVALDO, Municipal Civil Registrar

NIMFA B. FEROLINO, Municipal Agriculturist

GILDA R. MARTINEZ, Municipal Social Welfare and Development

NERISSA B. TAGUM, Municipal Health Officer

CLAIRE G. RELLAMA, Municipal Information Officer

ADONA E. ESPARRAGO, Sangguniang Bayan Secretary

BELLA A. NARES, Public Schools District Supervisor

JUDITH O. BAEZA, Human Resource Management Officer

EMELYN A. VIDAR, Municipal Nutrition Action Officer

JOJIT G. CANTONJOS, Slaughterhouse Supervisor

VICTORIA B. ABELLA, Permits and Licensing

ALAN S. GRAGAS, Market Supervisor

FRITZIE RIVA L. MICHELENA, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Officer

NORBERTO T. ORTILE, CSO Representative

NARCISO E. UBALDE, CSO Representative

FLORINIA BINALLA, Senior Citizens Representative

LENIE B. BALETA, Pantawid Pamilya Program DSWD-FOV Staff

CATHERINE C. GACIAS, KALAHI CIDSS Municipal Area Coordinator

FRANCIS G. UBALDE, Tourism Officer Designate/BUB Focal Person


SECTION 2. Functions. The FDU shall perform the following functions.

  1. Review before the start of each fiscal year the performance measurements of each program and projects consistent with the annual work program targets, schedules and budgets;
  2. Identify the reasons for the non-implementation of the projects and programs and thereafter recommend contingency plans to resolve the problem;
  • Conducts periodic monitoring and data analysis by comparing actual performance as against measures and targets;
  1. Come up with a delivery and execution strategy to address programs and projects already considered in delay;
  2. Ensure the timely submission of Annual Procurement Plans and closely monitor the implementation schedule of the procurement processes;
  3. Communicate on a department wide and agency wide basis, the program, sub program, and project performance measures by the respective accountable persons.

SECTION 3. Secretariat. A Secretariat shall be constituted to provide management and administrative support.

SECTION 4. Periodic Reporting. Departments of the Local Government are required to submit within 30 days after the end of every quarter reports to the FDU copy furnished the Office of the            Mayor. As well as the submission of progress report on the project implementation, problems and issues encountered and measures adopted to address the same, catch up plans and other alternative modes of implementation to meet target timelines.

SECTION 5. Schedule of Meetings. The FDU shall at least once a month to address the issue and concerns affecting the lower than expected output of every department in the disbursement and implementation of projects and programs.

SECTION 6. Effectivity. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done in the Municipality of Irosin, Province of Sorsogon this 7th day of July, 2016.





Municipal Mayor


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