Volcanic Ash

Health Effects and Protective Measures Potential Health Effects of Volcanic Ash General respiratory and breathing problems with short-term symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, chest tightness and dry cough. Breathing difficulty for sensitive people such as children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions. Eye irritations and minor skin problems. Injuries or deaths from roof collapse or automobile accidents that may result from slippery roads and poor visibility.

Volcanic Eruption

Preparing for a Volcanic Eruption Listen to regular updates from the volcanic monitoring center. Follow the advice of local authorities. They will give you information on the volcanic eruption, and if necessary, instructions to leave or evacuate the area. Prepare a survival kit with adequate supply of water, food, basic clothing, first-aid supplies and medicines, battery-operated radio and flashlight.

Mag 4-S Laban sa DENGUE

SEARCH and DESTROY Para di maipunan ng tubig at pamugaran ng kiti-kiti: Palitan ang tubig at linisin ang flower vase minsan sa isang linggo. Takpan ng lupa o buhangin ang mga butas sa paligid ng inyong bahay. Takpan ang mga timba, drum o iba pang imbakan ng tubig. Tanggalin at butasan ang mga gulong sa ibabaw ng inyong bubong o mga gulong sa inyong paligid. Itaob ang mga bote, lata at iba pang maaaring pang-ipuna ng tubig at pangitlugan ng lamok. Linisin at alisin ang tubig sa pamiggalan.


Chikungunya Virus is carried by infected mosquitoes. It causes high grade fever and severe joint pain that starts suddenly. It can also cause headache, muscle pain and rash. Chikungunya(CHIK) does not often result in death, but the symptoms can be disabling, and some people may get severe complications. There is no specific medication available to treat CHIK. There is no vaccine to prevent CHIK. Avoiding mosquito bites is the key to avoid chikungunya fever (CHIK).   Why should I be concerned about CHIK? CHIK can be extremely painful and prevent those infected from performing regular daily tasks. A recent outbreak in Italy revealed the chance for a similar event in continue reading : Chikungunya