List of Business Establishments

List of Business Establishments Irosin, Sorsogon C.Y. 2012 NO NAME OF ESTABLISHMENT BUSINESS ADDRESS NAME OF OWNER NATURE OF BUSINESS 1 2JKLA Nature Hot Spring Resort & Inn Monbon, Irosin Gabito, Reojun Y. Resort 2 3 Z’s Store San Julian, Irosin Olbes, Marilou B. Native Products Store 3 7 R’s Rice Mill Buenavista, Irosin Polo, Romeo D. III Rice Mill 4 A. Cielo Rice Mill San Julian, Irosin Cielo, Luz G. Rice Mill 5 A.J.E. Gasoline Station Gulang-Gulang, Irosin Delmonte, Agustin E. III Gasoline Station 6 Abiera’s Wood Craft & Furniture Shop San Agustin, Irosin Abiera, Alexander G. Wood Craft and Furniture Shop 7 Adriel Enterprises Patag, Irosin Franche, Amado continue reading : List of Business Establishments

Travel Agencies

For each of the travel agencies in the locality, include the following information: brief description, complete mailing and email addresses, contact person, and telephone and fax numbers.

Hotels and Restaurants

List down the different hotels and restaurants that can be found in the area. Be sure to include the contact numbers, location, email address and URL (if any) of each.

Amusement Centers

List down and describe the various malls and amusement / recreation centers (e.g. theaters, arcades, gyms, bowling lanes, etc.) situated in the locality. Location and contact information such as phone and fax numbers, email address and URL, if any, must likewise be clearly indicated.