Local Governance Awards

Irosin has proven that a good and orderly mix of local government authorities and people’s support and participation can make a difference. The municipality is more than capable of staying ahead. In barely three years after the implementation of the Local Government Code that provided greater local autonomy to local government units, Irosin was elevated to fourth class municipality status. The municipality has earned three Galing Pook Awards for best local government programs namely the Integrated Area Development Program, Agrarian Reform Community Development Program and the Inter-Barangay Environment Development Program. These three programs had qualified the municipality for the Galing Pook Hall Fame. Irosin consistently obtained CROWN Award or Consistent continue reading : Local Governance Awards

Income and Expenditures

Irosin is a second-class municipality with a revenue target of Php 78,782,096 in 2012. The two major sources of are local sources and external sources. Local generated income comprises tax which is 4.78% of the total income, non-tax revenues which is 2.27%, and income from economic enterprise which represents 3.22%. Revenues from external sources consist of share from Internal Revenue Allotment which is 89.73 of the total income in 2010. The budget of expenditures comprises four major expense class namely personal services which accounts for 48% of obligations, maintenance and other operating expenses which is 22%, capital outlay at 1%, and special purpose fund which is 29% of the total continue reading : Income and Expenditures

Organization and Management

Local governance is divided into two major local government functions namely local administration and local legislation. The overall local administrative functions are assumed by the mayor specifically the implementation of the local policies and development plans and the supervision and control over the entire local government personnel including the local police force. The local government policies, program, projects and activities are carried out with the backstop of all concerned departments. The formulation and enactment of local policies in the form of ordinances and resolutions is the function of the Sangguniang Bayan composed of the vice-mayor as the presiding officer, eight elected councilors and two ex-officio members. The municipal federation president continue reading : Organization and Management

Development Mandates

The local government unit as the governing body of the municipality is responsible for the mobilization and management of resources and the delivery of basic goods and services to the constituents for their well-being and general welfare. The local administration anchors its development and public management strategies on total and sustainable human development. Consistent with the vision of the municipality and provincial, regional and national policies and plans, the local government unit practices the comprehensive and integrated area development approach considering the human person as the very core of all development interventions reinforced by enhancing the quality of life support systems.