Estimates and Future Projections of Demography

The projected population at the start of the planning period in 2018 is 59,658. Assuming a constant annual growth of 1.72%, the projected population in 2028 is 70,835. There are 12,613 projected number of households in 2018 which will grow to 14,976 in 2028. Urban population is projected to be 15,150 in 2018 and 17,988 in 2028. The number of people living in the rural barangays will increase from 44,508 in 2018 to 52,847 by 2028. The doubling time, or the time required for Irosin’s population to double itself given the present fixed growth rate of 1.72% is 40 years. (Refer to Table DE-11) By 2018, the school age going continue reading : Estimates and Future Projections of Demography